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Space Guys.... IN SPACE!

I keep forgetting to post these here. If you aren't watching it then WHAT is WRONG with you?!?!


You oughta be. They are darn good. And Episode 5 is leaving us with the most suspenseful cliff hanger yet!

Also, for you guys on Tumblr, follow my J-Mars Blog! Or you don't even have to be a member of Tumblr to look at it. But Tumblr is awesome.

Space Guys In Space is a web series starring Jason Marsden and Dave Levine as the last two men (or well, one man and a lab experiment) of Earth. They're trapped in a dinky little space pod and will probably die from lack of resources or Carl killing Stew in a fit of rage. Hilarity ensues!

They should all auto play, but if not, just search "Space Guys In Space." There are five episodes and two mini-sodes.

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